Check out our Breakout Sessions for this year! You'll have the opportunity to attend 3 out of 6 of them!

Breakout 1

Noah Jaeger

Title: Gospel Appointment 101 


If you are new to Challenge, come learn the core components of our preferred evangelism method so that you can be equipped to share the Gospel.

Breakout 2

Neal Hardin

Title:  The Gospel and Sexuality


How do we reach those who identify as LGBTQ+ with the good news of Jesus Christ?

Breakout 3

Isabel Han

Title: Why Evangelism is the Greatest Act of Love


We often approach evangelism as solely a duty, but how might evangelism change if we viewed it as loving our neighbor? Come hear about the heart behind evangelism. 

Breakout 4

Brandon Reimus

Title: What is the Purpose of Your Life?


God made man to know him and to represent him. Humans were created in the image of God. In this breakout, we will look at how that purpose is fulfilled as Christians share the gospel. We will see how sharing the gospel is actually the most human thing you can do. 

Breakout 5

Jeremy Butler

Title: Prayer is Expected


Come learn through scripture, just how crucial it is that we intersect prayer with evangelism.

Breakout 6

Dr. Edward Pearson

Title: Everyday Evangelism


Jesus provides numerous opportunities every day to share His Good News! Dr. Pearson will be sharing how you can become a consistent sharer of that news to anyone, anywhere, at any time.